Prime Time!

My beautiful sister on her wedding day...all day, all night loveliness

My beautiful sister on her wedding day...all day, all night loveliness

So often, I hear the same question asked by many a bride-to-be regarding whether or not it is necessary  to wear more foundation than "normal" on the big day so that it will stay put all night.  My dear ladies, the answer will always be "absolutely not".  If I've applied makeup for you before, you will know that my style of application is one that will ALWAYS highlight the beauty of seeing fresh, supple, beautiful skin.  The way this look is achieved while providing longevity for the wedding day would be to use a great primer.  

There are so many primers on the market right now, one can become quite overwhelmed at where to begin.  Well, you  might want to start with understanding what the functions of a primer really are.  There are many benefits of adding this product to your beauty routine.  

  • Primers prep your skin for foundation and act as a "barrier" between your skin and the cosmetics you apply.  Foundations and other makeup products contain pigments and talc, both of which can dry out your skin.  This veil of protection from your primer prevents these offenders from drawing the oil from your skin.  
  • Foundations fare better during warm weather when Primers play a role in your application.  After smoothing the surface of your skin, this product will work as an adhesive to allow foundation to go on smoothly and adhere "for better or worse".
  • Primers actually act as a great protectant for all of the wonderful (and sometimes expensive) skin care that you have slathered on before starting on your makeup.  It prevents your foundation and makeup from interfering with the tiny miracles that your skin care is designed to do for you.  

So what primer should you choose? Like I mentioned before, there are "umpteen million" options to choose from.  I can help out by giving mention to the few that I keep in my kit as staples:  

  1. Makeup Forever HD Microperfecting Primer.  This is my ULTIMATE favorite primer...when I run out, there's a problem.  Makeup Forever offers a few options in this series, but my #1 choice is always the Neutral (0).  The scent of this primer alone is a reason to smooth this all over on an everday basis.  It is weightless and cooling and provides needed hydration to a normal to dry skin.  
  2. NARS Radiance Enhancing Light Optimizing Primer SPF 15.  This beautiful primer transforms the appearance of your foundation by adding a luminescence to the skin.  This primer/illuminater has the added benefit of an SPF while providing a beautiful and sheer glow most brides are seeking (above and beyond the natural glow she already has during this time).  
  3. NARS Pro-Prime Oil Free Pore Refining Primer.  For my clients with an oilier skin, I love using this primer for an "all day stay" look.  This will mattify the skin for several hours and does not feel heavy at all underneath the layers of foundation and powder.  Pores are minimized and skin appears smooth.  

So, skin is in this wedding season ladies.  Adding this extra step doesn't take too much time to do, but the benefits of long lasting beautiful makeup go a long way!